{Solved} Hard Drive Not Spinning? Dead? Motor Not Running? No Detection?


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We have two situations in this case:

1) Internal Hard Disk (Laptop & Desktop)

2) External USB Drive

Reasons For Error:

  • Electrical damage to the printed circuit board ( PCB Short Circuit )
  • Seizure of the Platter Motor – what powers to the spinning of platters.
  • head crash. This occurs when the read/write heads of a hard drive come into contact or stuck with the platters.
  • If your hard drive was accidentally droppedbumped, or had a sudden impact, the hard drive may have stopped spinning.
  • Sometimes this error is due to a faulty USB Port. ( Faulty USB Port is not giving proper Power Supply to the USB Drive )

Solution For Error:

  • Try another USB Port or Try to Connect your Hard Drive on a different PC or Laptop & check if the issue is resolved or not. (in case of USB Drives)
  • Try another USB cable or check for the faulty USB connector on the USB Hard Drive.
  • In case of Laptop Internal Hard Drives, Remove the Hard Drive from your laptop & Buy a USB to SATA or IDE Casing according to the Hard drive interface, & check if the drive is working with it or not.
  • In case of Desktop Internal Hard Drives, Try Connecting Other SATA or IDE power ports as well as Data interface ports also.

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Please Note: If Replacing cables & using USB Casing does not help in this case and still you can’t hear the drive spinning sound, that means your Hard Drive is Totally Dead, If Data is important & your Hard Drive is under Warranty, Visit a Data Recovery Service Providers only, so that after recovering data you can replace the drive from the service center as well. Please don’t visit a local computer repair shop.

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