Pen Drive & Memory Card Data Recovery

At Data Engineers we use hardware data recovery techniques to retrieve the files from damaged Pen Drives & Memory cards. These methods are far superior to any software approach – a software program can only do so much as it is controlled by the computer’s operating system which will prohibit and limit certain actions. Using a hardware based data recovery approach means that we have no such limitations.

1. Types of Pen Drive:

  • Normal USB Pen Drives
  • Micro USB Pen Drives
  • Type-C Pen Drives

2. Types of Memory Card:

  • SD Card
  • Micro SD Card
  • Compact Flash (CF) Card
  • Memory Stick Or PCMCIA Cards


Pen Drives & Memory Cards can have logical, mechanical, and physical failures. Since most failure scenarios present similar symptoms, diagnosing the precise cause of data loss requires careful analysis and patience. We have the expertise to repair and retrieve data in challenging situations, including:

  • Broken Connections
  • Defective or Snapped Electronics
  • Excessive Use
  • Accidental Deletion or Formatting
  • File Corruption
  • Virus Damage

Disconnect your flash drive to protect yourself from permanent data loss. Do not attempt to fix the device yourself if the data is valuable.

Our Pen Drive & Memory Card recovery services are safe and secure; so you can be completely assured that our processes are designed to protect your data and your privacy at all times. We are registered and monitored by the Central Information Commission.

If your data is particularly sensitive or valuable, then we can provide extra security measures through Non-Disclosure Agreements, encryption, and security cleared couriers, if required.


Logical Recovery

Slow Responding, Contains Bad Sectors, Files & Folders Corrupted.

Physical Recovery

Drive Not Detected, Physical Damage, Electronic Faults, Overheating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can recover data from a dead pen drive or memory card by taking the help of reliable data recovery services. At Data Engineers, our data recovery experts can recover the data from the dead pen drive with 100% privacy.

Your Pen Drive or Memory Card can be severely damaged due to physical water damage, short circuits as well as bad blocks, failed firmware updates and malware corruption.

Yes, it is possible to recover data from a Pen Drive or Memory Card. Even if it becomes inaccessible or formatted, the stored data is not lost forever. Our data recovery experts can access and retrieve the files from the device.

Most of the damaged device can be recovered if you act quickly. Professional data recovery software or services can usually retrieve lost files, but you need to stop using the device immediately to prevent overwriting any data. Continuing to use the device could result in overwriting your lost files, which would make them unrecoverable. Contact our qualified data recovery team to explore your available options.