{Solved} Hard Drive Head Crash / Failure? Data Recovery Professional

About the Situation:

  • The magnetic read/write heads are the workhorses of the hard drive. These components work harder than any other part of the hard drive.
  • Unfortunately, they can also be the first to wear out as your hard drive ages.
  • This is perhaps the most infamous form of hard drive failure; the rhythmic tick-tock sound commonly produced by failed heads is so commonplace that computer repair technicians have a name for it: the “Click of Death.”
  • In addition to being relatively quick to wear out, read/write heads are also delicate, and physical trauma can not only blind them but also make them damage other parts of the hard drive, putting the safety of your data in jeopardy.

What Are the Read/Write Hard Disk Heads:

  • Every read and write operation your hard drive performs gets carried out by its read/write heads.
  • The heads are tiny electrically-charged coils of copper wire.
  • They are capable of picking up and altering the electrical signals produced by the billions of magnetic sectors on your hard drive’s platters.
  • These electrical signals are the data that lives on your drive.

Solution For Error:

  • Firstly, How do you know that heads are failed? Are you a Data Recovery Professional? Did you visit a Data Recovery Professional? Or a Computer Technician told you that HDD Heads are Failed?
  • Secondly, Only a Data Recovery Professional can tell you whether Heads are Crashed or not.
  • Thirdly, if you hear Clicking sound & after lot of research you found out on your that this situation is of head crash, Maybe you are right but maybe not.
  • Finally, if you are now sure that heads are gone, just follow this if your data is very important, don’t plug-in the hard drive to power again and again as it can cause scratches on platter, don’t open the metal case by watching videos online, only way is to visit a Data Recovery Professional ( You don’t have a choice in this case, there is no other solution, as we need a clean room to change heads & Professional Data Recovery tools to retrieve the data.

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Please Note: This is not a random case error for which you can find a solution online, It’s better to consult a Data Recovery Professional, (They don’t charge just for diagnosing) No Data No Charge Policy.

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