{ Seagate F3 Terminal } – Commands For Hard Drive Repair & Data Recovery

List of Seagate Firmware Level Repair Commands:

These commands are used to repair bad sectors, slow working drive, not able to format, recover data on a hard drive and lot of issue related to logical faults or we can say firmware issue on a seagate hard drive. Please be careful while using these commands, it can also cause hard drive damage if used a wrong command or can cause data loss permanently.

Basic Command List :-

Restore Settings: F3 T> F ,, 22
View SMART: F3 1> N5
Qing SMART: F3 1> N1,, 22
Repair SMART error: F3 1> N0b ,, 22
Qing ALT table: F3 T> i4,1,2
Qing V1 Table: F3 T> i5,1,22
See Table P: F3 T> V10
Clear P Table: F3 1> G6A
View T Table: F3 T> V2
Clear T Table: F3 T> i2,2,22
See Table G-resident: F3 T> V4
Clear G-resident table: F3 T> i4,1,22
Reconstruction LBA Address: F3 1> G6C
Head detection: F3 7> X

Seagate Terminal “m” Command:-

m0,6,2,,,,,22 (most commonly used to regenerate translator)

m0,6,1,,,,,22 (when nothing works, this command will)

m0,2,1,,,,,22 ( To rebuilt slip list, V1 )
m0,2,2,,,,,22 ( To rebuilt G list, V2 )
m0,2,3,,,,,22 ( To rebuilt P list, V3 )

m0,5,1,10,3,,,22 ( To zero fill with slip list )
m0,5,2,10,3,,,22 ( To zero fill with G list )
m0,5,3,10,3,,,22 ( To zero fill with P list )

m0,8,1,10,3,,,22 ( To format with slip list )
m0,8,2,10,3,,,22 ( To format with G list )
m0,8,3,10,3,,,22 ( To format with P list )

m0,D,1,,,,,22 ( To repair bad sector by Slip list )
m0,D,2,,,,,22 ( To repair bad sector by G list )
m0,D,3,,,,,22 ( To repair bad sector by P list )

m0,20,1,,,,,22 ( To format (seacos XF) by Slip list )
m0,20,2,,,,,22 ( To format (seacos XF) by G list )
m0,20,3,,,,,22 ( To format (seacos XF) by P list, most powerfull to repair bad sectors, red and green blocks )

m0,2,2,,,,,22 ( Format user area partition without certifying defects and relocate defects. not effect Data in a drive )
m0,2,1,,,,,22 ( Format user area partition with user slip list with certify defects. DATA WILL BE LOSS )
m0,D,3,,,,,22 ( Format user area partition with repairing of bad sector, auto add bad sector into G list and in the last it will be shifted to P list )

m0,5,1,,,,,22 ( it used for erasing of all sector )
m0,8,2,,,,,22 ( it is used for formatting hard disk sectors )

Terminal Errors with Explanation:-

TCC-001A[0x000042F9][0x000042F9]ZZZZMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZMMMMMMMMMMM…. = This error relates to an inability to read Servo or Overlays. This message is also displayed at some Grenada models when PCB/ROM is not native.

Failed to load overlay 00000004 – this is usually associated with some hardware error and can be caused by non-native adaptives (i.e non-original ROM)

SIM error 1002 = this message alerts us to some error with one or more defect list. Potentially P-list or NRG list can be bad.

SIM error 2044 – Translator tables cannot be read or are damaged.

SIM error 1009 – Module 17A is damaged

SIM Error 203F / SIM Error 2040 / SIM Error 2044 / SIM Error 3005 – Also seem to be damaged or unreadable translator related errors

LED:00000047 FAddr:FFFFFFFE – Usually this relates to Media Cache

LED:000000BC FAddr:00006220 – Usually this also relates to Media Cache or some relocation parameters.

More Terminal Errors Explained:

SIM ERROR 3005 (mean that “format corrupted flag” in on and Translator is not loaded in RAM)

“No HOST FIS-ReadyStatusFlags” (reason message: why translator is not loaded).

More Terminal Errors Collected From the Web

LED:0x000000BD FAddr:0x00009887 or LED:000000BD FAddr:0000988E – Usually relates to Media Cache or other background processes in System File 93. Some have reported clearing SMART as having fixed the issue.

MCMTFileHandler: EXCEPTION: Failed MCMT read request – Relates to System file 346 being damaged, or possibly media cache

LED:000000CC FAddr:0024A7E5 – Bad Translator. Short read channel, clear smart, regenerate translator.

SMI init (or) Training Failed – Bad PCB

Disc FW failed to load – Bad PCB

Sense code = xxxxxx82 – problem with sector translation (broken translator) (x’s will be other numbers)
Sense code = xxxxxx81 – uncorrected error (bad sector, not translator)

LED:00000067 – Normal if PCB is removed from HDA. Otherwise it’s heads/media damage

SimError – Remaining in BootFW
Perform a double download without a power cycle (This error occurs with non-original ROM code or PCB)

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