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Data Recovery from an android mobile phone is not an easy task as we think it is. If your mobile phone is in working condition and you accidentally deleted or formatted your data than you need to follow some steps and be careful.


About the Situation:

It can be caused by a number of things:

  1. You thought you have already backed up all your data and did a factory reset or hard reset on your mobile phone.
  2. You thought you deleted some unnecessary files to free up space on your mobile phone but accidentally deleted some important files.
  3. Old Call recordings are automatically deleted after a period of time but some day you realised you needed them.
  4. You forgot your mobile pattern lock or pin & thought factory reset may fix it. Lot of people are loosing data in this scenario by watching online videos to fix this issue but end up in data loss.
  5. You thought google is backing up your contacts, but you never enabled auto sync for contacts and made a factory reset on your phone.
  6. Deleted whatsapp chat? or no backup found on google?
  7. Confidential data protected by a vault application and you deleted the vault app or the whole directory of it which contains the encryption patterns.
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Solution To Recover Your Data:

  1. Firstly, If your partial data is lost and some other data is still available on your phone than please take backup of it before performing any action to recover your data.
  2. If all data is lost and your phone is in working condition, please switch to airplane mode and don’t download any application on your phone, if downloaded it can also overwrite the data which was lost.
  3. There are few paid softwares in market which can retrieve your mobile data in case of Formatted or deleted. (Call Us to Buy)
  4. Free softwares downloaded from internet won’t work as it needs some additional files to download from internet matching your phone model & at the end will ask you to register and pay for the license.
  5. If your mobile phone is stuck on brand logo or white/blank screen, it can be software malfunction or maybe due to some hardware component failure. (you can’t do anything on this one)
  6. If your phone is dead / broken screen / water damaged, be careful to choose a Mobile repair professional, if they switch the motherboard with a faulty one you can loose your data permanently.
  7. Its better whatever the condition is, you must contact a Data Recovery Professional for Free Consultation.

Please Note: This is not a random case error for which you can find a solution online, It’s better to consult a Data Recovery Professional, (They don’t charge just for diagnosing) No Data No Charge Policy.Data Engineers (Data Recovery Professionals) 

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